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Angel Aura


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We are Angel AURA


"One thing sets Angel Aura apart from the also-rans: ambition. It’s an ambition you can hear, a yearning you can feel. From the epic soundscapes they produce, to the sweeping arrangements, Angel Aura sounds like a band singlehandedly trying to take the form to the next level. The moods they evoke are instantly recognizable, but the musical structures they construct are completely fresh and challenging. Meticulous in their craft, Angel Aura may grab you and shake you, but there will be nothing obvious or hackneyed in their approach. By turns abrasive and delicate, with a healthy injection of creative hooks to keep you engaged, Angel Aura were our indie breakouts of 2018. And they’re only just getting started. " 


Greg Wilson, DKFM


Photos by Jimmy Bent